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Get the beautiful smile that you’ve always wanted. Never underestimate the power of a great smile.  Straight teeth are not only beautiful, they also promote good health.   

Did you know?...

74% of Americans believe that crooked teeth and an unattractive smile can hurt your career success and your everyday social life? 

Straight teeth can reduce the incidence of headaches, heart disease, gastrointestinal disease and other health conditions? 

People aren’t born with perfect teeth, but Invisalign can create a beautiful smile. 

Invisalign is an advanced way to straighten your teeth and improve your smile and Invisalign offers you many unique advantages over traditional metal braces including…

They’re “Invisible”: Invisalign, “invisible braces” are made of clear plastic aligners so they’re no as noticeable as metal braces.  Most people won’t even know you’re wearing them, so you won’t feel self-conscious about wearing braces.

They’re Comfortable: The use of plastic aligners offers a smooth surface that is gentle in your mouth so you won’t feel any pain.

They’re Removable: You can take them out to eat or brush your teeth, and put them back in again.  You’ll have more flexibility in your daily life with invisibility braces.

They’re Affordable: In most cases, invisible braces cost less than traditional metal braces. Plus, our easy financing options make them affordable.

They’re Fast: In most cases your treatment time is less than that of traditional braces.  This means your teeth will straighten up quicker so you can stop wearing your braces sooner. 

How invisalign “Invisible Braces” Work: 

Using the latest in medical imaging technologies, a series of clear plastic “aligners” are made.  These custom made, nearly undetectable aligners are worn 2-3 weeks all day and night, except for eating and brushing. During the wear of the aligner, your teeth gently move to the desired position.  The length of the process to give you straight teeth varies, but is usually 6-14 months.


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