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  • Tough    
  • Flexible
  • Comfortable
  • Superior Aesthetics
  • Non-Allergenic
  • No Metallic Taste
  • Minimizes Tissue Irritation


The Valplast partial is an unbreakable removable partial that many people find to be very comfortable.  This lightweight partial is practically invisible & completely eliminates the metal clasps that you may be experiencing or have seen on other partials.

The material is translucent so the patientís own gums show through, giving a very natural appearance.  For many people who have had teeth removed due to extensive cavities, gum disease, trauma and/or those who may not have developed some of their teeth due to a genetic trait, missing teeth is a common problem.  Three of the most common ways a dentist can replace one or more missing teeth are a bridge (a series of joined caps), an implant (s), or a removable partial denture.  Although a bridge or dental implant (s) has certain advantages when compared to a removable partial denture, in some cases, the removable partial denture may be the best or only choice available. 

Valplast partial dentures can be used to replace many or few missing teeth and can even be modified to replace a missing tooth on only one side of the mouth, greatly enhancing its comfort.  Valplast partial dentures are an excellent option for the replacement of missing teeth.  The cost of treatment is usually much less than either a permanent bridge or dental implants and can be completed in just 2 or 3 short visits. Durable, lightweight and esthetic, Valplast should be considered for anyone who needs replacement of missing teeth. 

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