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Porcelain Crowns

Example of when a crown is needed and how it is prepared and placed 

Have you ever seen someone with a tooth that has a gray line near the gum? You may be looking at an old crown.  Older crowns use a great deal of metal within them.  Over time, metal begins to show through the crown as the light reflects on it.  With today’s advancements in dental technology, we are now able to give you more natural-looking dental crowns that make your teeth look great





Today’s dental crowns are much different thanks to new technology.  Dental crowns can used to fabricate to reflect light like natural teeth. These crowns are the highest in quality; therefore give you the best result.  You’ll never see a gray line at the top of these crowns.  They will keep you smiling for another 15-20 years- the average lifetime of a dental crown. 

These wonderful crowns can be used for cosmetic dentistry procedures or to seal teeth after a root canal treatment.  By using the highest quality dental crowns we can be more sure that a root canal will never need re-treatment and your teeth will remain strong. In other words, your smile will stay healthier, stronger, and longer. 

Crowns placed , to replace old crowns, and for cosmetic purposes

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